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Office of the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner COMPLAINT

We feel there has been a lack of communication, transparency and consultation about the proposed corridor in Bannaby. Pursuant to the initial designs it appeared that transmission lines were going to follow the existing transmission lines south of our current property. Those lines would have traversed a property which we used to own called Bannaby Station. The sale price for that property was reduced by $500,000 by reason of the transmission lines likely being constructed on that property. It was not until September 2021 that we received communications from Transgrid stating that the corridor had changed and rather than going the most direct path through Bannaby Station the proposed route would now cross the road from the sub-station and go right through the best pasture improved paddocks on our property and between our main house and the sheds and other house site.

We did not understand why the route had changed and have repeatedly asked Transgrid why the route changed from following or being adjacent to the existing transmission lines when the new route drastically affects us and at least 14 of our neighbours. The new route is much closer to all of our homes and our prime grazing areas. All we have been told is that Transgrid does not want to have to deal with the National Parks and the existing transmission lines cut through a very small, unused corner of the Tarlo National Park. The new owner of Bannaby Station has told Transgrid that he agrees to the Humelink transmission lines going across that property parallel to the existing lines. Under the new route proposed, his main residence- the historic Hillasmount house - is severely affected. We were told by Transgrid that if we didn't agree with the new proposal then we would have to propose a feasible alternative route.

We formed an action group of affected residents of the Bannaby area and put a proposal to Transgrid that the transmission lines revert back to the original design along and adjacent to the existing lines and have received very convoluted and uninformative responses as to why they don't want to do that. Those responses have been very "high level" talking about a general desire not to impact national park land generally, the increase of bushfire risks caused by the power lines and the need to "sterilise" the land which would impact biodiversity. Transgrid have not performed any analysis of the impact on the small piece of national park that would be affected by the alternative route. We have lived in the area for 16 years and can tell you that there is no public access.

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