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Native endangered natural habitat that will be impacted

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

A Koala sighting right on Adavale Road in Bannaby, which will be impacted by Transgrid.

Bannaby Creek. Numerous sitings of platypus in this pristine waterway. One in particular was at 11pm at night crossing the concrete causeway along the council owned Adavale Road. A road which trucks, cranes, excavators etc will be using to gain access to our property to build transmission lines on our property.

We have also have regular sitings of lyrebirds, lizards, birds, wedgetail eagles, owls, kangaroos/wallabies, echidnas, possums and microbats to name a few. We farm in our pastured areas, but we also have a very dense, untouched natural landscape where animals are free to live without threat from predators or their habitat. Most of these areas are inaccessible, and can only be reached on foot. Transgrid is proposing to not only erect towers in these areas, but also clear a corridor to gain machinery access and enable future maintenance and access to these towers. Transgrid CANNOT erect towers without crossing our creek system in at least one spot, if not several creek crossing spots.

Lizards living in local waterhole - this site will also be impacted by transmission lines

Transgrid heavy machinery will drive through this area. Photo of Mal Brierley in the creek bed of Adavale Road, Bannaby.

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