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BRAG Humelink update

Well a lot has been happening behind the scenes with Transgrids visits to landholders to inform them of the 200m corridor to the north(Bannaby 3) which is not what we want to see.

They really have no intention of true community consultation and this has been evident through the whole process. Their idea that turning up to tell us what they will be doing is community consultation is a joke and we will be holding them to task on this.

At this moment they have no intention of paralleling the existing line(Bannaby 1) but there is a long way to go in this fight so please ALL keep active with our fight.

We have had good communication with NSW MP Wendy Tuckerman who yesterday took our concerns direct to Transgrid CEO Brett Redman in a meeting in Sydney. It was reported as a stern meeting and one where she made her concerns and thoughts very clear on our specific matter in Bannaby. I give Wendy a great congrats and thank you on all our behalf as we continue to communicate with all.

I would also like to acknowledge the great work Peter and Christine Rose are doing on our behalf. Peter wrote and issued Wendy Tuckerman a fantastic briefing document that she used in the meeting and issued a copy to Brett Redman that was very detailed and specific on the concerns with the proposed route and the process so far. They have also been working on the social media campaign and as these things are refined I would ask that you all get on and LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT your thoughts on these pages so we can get the information out in the community

There is also a Facebook (link on website) and Instagram (link on website) page running and we need all to like and share them to gain support.

Surprisingly I have had Transgrid contact me yesterday afternoon to confirm a date for our next community meeting. Maybe just a coincidence after the meeting our local member had that morning??? We are looking at 18/3, it would be a Friday afternoon to hopefully enable more people to attend. We need to issue Transgrid with an email requesting what information we require at this meeting, which is quite odd but something I will do. Quite easy really as we just want the information already requested that has been failed to be provided so far. Cost benefit analysis of the 2 routes and Ecological and Cultural survey results that Transgrid offered us.


Lastly we thought it would be necessary for us to meet again before this meeting to confirm our approach and make sure we have all property owners informed and onboard with the more serious approach we have started to take. Unfortunately our previous approach of being nice and cooperative has got us nowhere so it is time to fight fire with fire and we hope you are all on board to help fight.

Please all respond and get involved, give us your thoughts good or bad. I will send an email to Transgrid by end of week confirming meeting date and agenda after I have feedback.

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