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Founded in 2021, the Bannaby Residents Action Group (BRAG) was formed to contest TransGrid's representations that it's proposed 500KV Northern Transmission Line (Bannaby 3) for the HumeLink is the only viable option to connect Snowy Hydro 2 to the Bannaby substation. However, as BRAG has pointed out to TransGrid on numerous occaisions, there is already an existing 300KV line to the Bannaby substation and the new proposed 500KV line could run parallel with that (Bannaby 1) causing less disruption to properties, business and the local environment. This is referred to as the "Southern" route.

The design of the proposed contested route was undertaken by TransGrid without any community consultation and the map on the TransGrid website did not include all properties and dwellings affected.

The proposed TranGrid line goes through land that is inhabited by endangered koalas and across streams in which platypus live and breed.

TransGrid has done limited (self-serving) environmental surveys to-date and did not include comprehensive koala habitat studies or detailed recordings of the platypus streams.

The erection and construction of the massive towers will destroy wildlife corridors, some of which have been planned and planted in consultation over many years with Land Care, the trees being specifically conducive to koala habitation.

TransGrid have been constantly criticised by multiple resident action groups for its lack of meaningful, transparent community consultation in relation to the HumeLink project and have been referred to the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner, Andrew Dyer, in relation to this conduct. Despite this, there has been little to no improvement by TransGrid in the way it has dealt with BRAG.

TransGrid has not provided a cost benefit analysis as requested by BRAG as to the competing merits and disadvantages of the two proposed options (the 'Southern' route preferred by BRAG and the 'Northern' route preferred by Transgrid). Nor has it provided other information repeatedly requested by members of the group in an effort to understand the project, its impact on the area and TransGrid's decision-making.

TransGrid is a majority foreign owned entity but has already talked openly with members of BRAG about its intention to compulsorarily resume their land if they do not agree with TransGrid's proposals.

TransGrid has not demonstrated that it operates within the parameters of acceptable ESG (Environment Social and Governance) and BRAG do not understand how or why the government would participate in forced resumption of private land owned by Australian citizens in those circumstances. 

Recent expert studies have raised serious concerns about the true costings of the HumeLink project and the benefit to consumers in circumstances where it appears that TransGrid intends to pass on the spiralling costs of the project to electricity consumers who are already experiencing the pressures from rising inflation. There are estimates that this could increase each NSW electricity bill by hundreds of dollars a year.

Support BRAG's resistance to TransGrid's attack on our democratic rights and the destruction of valuable wildlife habitat by contacting the local member for Goulburn, The Hon Wendy Tuckerman and The Minister for Energy and Environment, Matthew Kean on his website, facebook or twitter.

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Stop Transgrid from destroying local Bannaby wildlife

Sign our petition and stand up for the Australian environment and wildlife.

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TransGrid has shown a cavalier disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of the people this proposed project will impact. This conduct is inconsistent with the behaviour required (and expected) of an institution that has both commercial and social responsibilities to the community.


TransGrid's proposed HumeLink Northern Transmission line at Bannaby will impact endangered koala habitat and a number of streams in which platypus live and breed.


TranGrid's proposed Northern Transmission line at Bannaby will impact prime pasture-improved farmland producing food for Australian consumers and will directly impact 18 residences including historic properties such as Hillasmount Homestead (built in 1883). TransGrid have also threatened to demolish a family home and multiple farm sheds and infrastructure to make way for the transmission lines when there is a feasible alternative route which would not impact family homes and businesses.


TranGrid has asserted that a significant number of trees will have to be "cleared“ to create the corridor for the transmission lines and towers. In their promotional brochures, they talk of "sterilising" the corridor and surrounding land. This will have a devastating effect on the wildlife and the environment in the area including run off into adjacent waterways. Not to mention the impact on food producing farms.

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